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The Swagwell Way

The Swagwell Way


Swagwell was designed to focus on three core service areas to create a better branded goods buying experience. We implement collaborative and proprietary processes in a flexible e-commerce and project management platform to truly differentiate ourselves in the areas of Experience, Products, and Design.The result is a holistic approach to custom branded goods, corporate gear, and packaging that not only compliments but elevates your long-term brand identity.



A flexible service approach that caters to do-it-yourself online shoppers or professional marketers who desire more collaborative agency support. Our services include product ideation and application, imprint and decoration consultation, and highly responsive service for all facets of your project. Our goal is to not just provide high quality branded merchandise but high-level marketing deliverables that are on-point with your brand ethos.  LEARN MORE

Better experience

We follow a defined philosophy and process with nine guiding principles for sourcing branded goods, gear, packaging and display merchandise. All with a simple goal to offer a product custom branded that is true to your brand but also be the best made, best-designed products that are functional, sustainable, responsibly made and carefully crafted for long life expectancy.  LEARN MORE

Better products

We are passionate about good design in all we do. Why? Because design impacts your brand and our brand. From products, art, typography, packaging and more. Our client goal is to create a nurturing brand awareness that captures the ethos of your brand message and identity through sensible, smart and disciplined design principles. LEARN MORE

Better design


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